Men and their hair

Most men wear the same hairstyle for their whole life. Maybe, just maybe they switched the style up from the style of their childhood to something completely different as an adult. However more than likely the look they wear now is just a slightly updated version of the boyhood style their mothers gave them.

So why do women change their hair over the years but men stay with the same look? Most men don't think they have options. Women take the time to look through the latest styles, browse Pinterest for the hottest celeb looks, and to talk to their girlfriends about what they think would look great.

Guys don't typically have that kind of discussion with there buddies and maybe they don't think about it that much, but I can't be convinced that they never think about it. They do. They just don't ask.

At Canvas we make it easy. We have ideas for you. You do have options, or you can keep the same old style if that is what works for you.