Who We Are

Who We Are at Canvas Salon & Skin Bar

Meet the Team




€œI opened Canvas because I wanted to create a space where people could do the work that they love with people who encourage and empower them. For me, Canvas represents opportunity. My entire team cares at a high level about the wellbeing of each of our guests, about their own continual development, and about our community. It is impossible to visit Canvas and not feel the love in this place. We volunteer our time, we fundraise, and we have fun! I believe that beauty and wellness are intricately linked. We make people feel good, what is more beautiful than that?

Assistant Directors

MEGAN – Assistant Director of Salon Operations

"Canvas provides a more positive and uplifting atmosphere than I have ever seen before. Watching each guest enter and leave the salon happy makes me love my job even more. Canvas is a great place to meet new people and to leave feeling confident in yourself."

SIOBHAN – Assistant Director of Retail & Marketing

"I believe that Canvas provides the best salon experience, and that's why I value being a part of this team. I love building genuine relationships, and my goal each day is to ensure each guest leaves our salon with a smile on their face!"

Skin Artists



"I love the beauty industry because people can come in to see me and I get to help them enhance what they love and change what they don'€™t. I chose Canvas because I'm able to express who I am. I get to be myself and take care of my clients."



"I value the healing power of having and maintaining healthy skin and the confidence one gains from looking and feeling their best. The best thing about Canvas Salon is the people! Our team of caring professionals makes a difference each day, not just for individual clients, but also for the community at large. The team sense of working toward the greater good makes the Canvas experience a unique and meaningful one!"


"Helping people look as good as I believe they should feel is what brought me into this industry. Being a part of a team with the same goals and passions is what brought me to Canvas. Whether it be a facial or a waxing service, I couldn't be happier to help people look their best. When you look your best, you feel even better."

Hair Artists

SARAH – New Talent

"I love working in this industry because everyday I get to help people feel more confident in their own skin. I enjoy anything from men's cuts to color transformations. I feel that Canvas Salon and Skin Bar allows me to do what I love to do everyday!"

ALEXIS – New Talent

"My favorite thing about what I do is having the trust of my guests to give them confidence, a transformation, and a great service. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful!"

KAROLINE – Level 1 Colorist

"I love being a colorist because I love incorporating my creativity with the new trends in the beauty industry.  Aveda color is amazing to work with because I can customize it to what my clients want.  I enjoy making my clients feel beautiful and confident with their hair color!"

GINGER – Level 3

"I love working in this industry because I'm glad to have the ability to make an impact on peoples lives by making them look and feel good. I feel rewarded on a daily basis. Canvas is great because it allows me to give our guests the best experience and allows me to always be growing as a stylist. We have a great atmosphere and an incredible team of people."

SOMER – Level 4

"I love making people feel great and truly like what they see when they look in the mirror. Being in the beauty industry I get to do this every day! I love creating a cut, color, and style that flatters my guest. I think it is so important that they go home knowing how to style and care for their hair. At Canvas we are up on the latest trends and techniques to give you hair you'll love!"