Hair Color Services

Hair Color Services to Dazzle

Hair color can whisper to you -- it can talk to you -- or it can scream at you. Natural or bold, classy or edgy, sexy or reserved – men or women. Hair color is for everyone.

Your complimentary consultation with a hair color expert at our salon in Columbus, Ohio will reveal what your hair color should be saying to the world.

Whether you just need your hair color refreshed, or you are looking for a brand-new look, we have ideas for you.

We love hair color and we love what hair color can do for you.

Our Color Service

Every first-time hair color service at Canvas Salon & Skin Bar begins with a complimentary consultation with one of our hair experts. They will ask you questions about your coloring past, hair integrity, and what color you'd like, then use their knowledge to give you customized options for achieving your look.

Get the hair color you've always wanted today!

Our number one priority is the health of your hair.

At Canvas Salon & Skin Bar, we know that the health and integrity of your hair is the most important part of having great hair. We consult with you about the health of your hair prior to beginning work and we take the time to explain the best hair care practices for your specific needs. We also only use the finest plant-based hair products from Aveda, so you'll know that everything we apply is safe for your hair.

Pink Hair ColorOur hair color service options always include:

  • the time needed in the salon
  • the price
  • a maintenance schedule
  • product recommendations to maintain your color
  • tips for maintaining the integrity of your hair's health

Best of all, your options will not just be about highlights and lowlights. There is a huge world of hair color beyond this that our colorists can not wait to show you.

PS: Every service comes with 3 or more of our "extras." You get to choose these, too. Because you shouldn't just look amazing when you leave — you should feel amazing, too!

Canvas Salon & Skin Bar now offers Keratin Treatments!

The Keratin Treatment we use is formaldehyde-free and is designed for individuals battling frizz, coarseness or damage. It restores and strengthens by penetrating natural protein deeply into the hair leaving it more resilient than ever. Your hair will be more manageable reducing your styling time by 40%-60% for up to 6 months!

  • For Women (Includes Product) *starts at $350
  • For Men (Includes Product) *starts at $125

Contact Canvas Salon & Skin Bar today to find out what your hair color should be telling the world. »»

We customize every hair color and your price varies depending on what option you choose.

We know color is more than just highlights and a retouch. Learn what ideas we have for you. So you have a general idea of our pricing, here is how we compare.

Covering up the greys or touching up your roots? *starts at $65

Adding some lighter pieces (partial highlight or lowlight) *starts at $78

Adding a lot of lighter pieces (full highlight or lowlight) *starts at $91

Have something you don’t love that you need corrected? *Priced upon consultation.

*Our apprentice's work with guests to sharpen their skills under the guidance of a trained stylist. Color Services begin at $45.00.