Facials at Canvas Salon & Skin Bar

Canvas Salon is excited to announce that we offer facials and professional skin care solutions through our unique Skin Bar experience.

Unlike traditional spas where you have to choose your facial off of a menu, we believe it is our responsibility as skin care experts to help you determine the best facial for your skin needs. When you schedule a facial at Canvas Salon, the very first step we take is to discuss with you what goals you have for your skin as well as any skin problems you might be experiencing. We'll examine your skin, give you advice on your daily routine, and recommend solutions for your specific skin-type. Our facials are $59 for 45 minutes.

The Only Skin Bar in Columbus, Ohio

lotions, creams, and soapWe want your experience at Canvas Salon & Skin Bar to be 100% customized to your needs. Your skin is as unique as you are and this is why we have a flat rate for our Skin Bar care, no matter what it is your skin needs.

Skin needs regular care and attention, just like your hair. Daily, by you at home, and monthly by a skin expert. Regular maintenance with our skin experts can be a healthy alternative to harsher methods of skin care and can prevent the need for invasive and expensive options later.

Our facials and Skin Bar are designed to address what other salons simply don'€™t talk about:

  • too dry
  • too oily
  • red or blotchy
  • problems with acne
  • pesky wrinkles

Or maybe you just want more radiant skin. We have no qualms with aging gracefully, but we believe in keeping your skin as healthy and beautiful as possible through the correct skin care routine.

aveda skin care products

During your skin bar visit, we'€™ll introduce you to a variety of product options, meanwhile explaining exactly how they work and how they will help your skin become its best self! Since we use only Aveda skincare products, a high-quality, plant-based skin care line, you can rest assured that your skin is safe with us.

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