Bridal Services

Bridal Services at Canvas Salon & Skin Bar

Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life. You should look beautiful, feel confident, and be uniquely you. On what day could it be more important to be your best self?

At Canvas Salon and Skin Bar in Columbus, Ohio, we love working with brides on their most important day! Our passion is helping you feel more confident and more beautiful by making sure your hair, skin, and makeup look amazing.

Wedding Hair and Makeup Services

We know that getting ready for the big day is one of the most important parts of your wedding. It's friendship, laughter, excitement, and maybe even a little anxiety. We do our best to keep you relaxed while we make you look your best.

Bride getting her makeup

What we can do for you:

The Bride

Bridal Hair = $175
Bridal Hair and Makeup = $250
Bridal Airbrush = $180
Bridal Hair and Airbrush makeup = $275
*All prices include a bridal trial

We always want to see the bride a few times before the big day. We like to experiment with different options and make sure you feel like the one we choose is "the one"€.

The Bridesmaids

Starts at:
Hair = $65
Hair and regular makeup = $110
Airbrush makeup = $90
Hair and Airbrush makeup = $140

This day is always a little hectic and we know it'€™s all about the bride. Time is always in short supply. We want you to feel confident that you'€™ll love your style so that you can focus on her.

The "Mothers"

Starts at:
Hair = $55
Hair and Makeup = $100
Airbrush makeup = $90
Hair and Airbrush makeup = $130

We look forward to helping you look your best on such an important day in your life.

The Groom & His Crew

Look your best! *starts at $21
Let us freshen up your look. Clean up the hairlines, make sure it's styled well, clean up any unwanted facial hair. We'€™d hate for you to look back at your pictures and think "€œholy caterpillar eyebrows"€ or "€œwhat was up with that gel"?€ We won'€™t let you down and we promise not to make you feel too girly. We'll just make you look great.

The Gents

Gentleman this is your big day too. We know you may not be into being as pampered, but you still want to look your best for the wedding. Your Best Self = a more confident you. (Always a plus when you'€™re walking down the isle and standing in front of a hundred people)

Wedding Attendees

Attending a wedding and want some help with your hair or makeup? Call us! Everyone should look great at a wedding.

How to schedule...

We like to start with a consultation. In this service we talk to you, gather information, and work with you to create ideas for your wedding look (A $30 reservation fee is held and deducted from your trial run).

Then, we have you come in for a trial. In this service we practice what was discussed in the consultation.

The big day. You can come in with one less thing to stress about. We'll have your appointment customized to your needs so that you look and feel amazing.

Contact Canvas Salon & Skin Bar in Columbus, Ohio today for professional wedding hair and makeup in Columbus, Ohio that will help you be your best self on your big day!

*Brides don't worry.. no one will outshine you.
**Off-site services available to Powell and the greater Columbus, Ohio area. Call us for details.