Top Canvas Salon Client Questions

Top Canvas Client Questions

Top Canvas Client Questions

When should I come back?

That depends. Obviously, it’s up to you how often you’d like to be in the salon, and that’s something that should be discussed in your consultation. But typically, it goes as follows;

Men’s cuts and pixies find 4 weeks as a good time for a clean up.
Bobs/shoulder length hair can usually go 5-6 weeks, if you like to keep it that length.

If you like to keep your hair long, or are growing it out, 8-10 weeks is the most you should go between trims to keep your hair at it’s healthiest.

Color clients are a whole different story. Most will time their haircuts with every to every other color appointment.

If you get retouches with permanent color (grey coverage, or different level than your natural) or a foiled highlight, 4-6 weeks is typical.

Toners or any other demi color should be refreshed at about 6-8 weeks, as that is how long demi color lasts.

Balayage is as high or low maintenance as you want. It’s meant to give you a graceful grow-out with no harsh lines, but if you like to stay bright and/or ashy, a lightening session and toner is recommended around 8 weeks.'

What do you think is best?

Good question. Your stylist can certainly give you their professional opinion, but at the end of the day, it’s your hair and your decision (unless you’re one of those people who literally gives your stylist full trust and control!). For example, my opinion could be to go red all over for Fall, and if you completely hate reds, don’t do it!

What do the “treatments” do?

We have Aveda’s Botanical Treatments here at Canvas. There is one for dry hair and one for damaged hair. Both give the hair shine, moisture, strength, and help with everyday damage. These professional strength treatments last about 6 weeks in the hair. Watch this video for more information.

What does “pre-booking” mean?

Pre-booking is a term our industry uses to just say, “setting up your next appointment.” Pre-booking is important and always encouraged so you can get into your preferred stylist when you need it. If you wake up one morning and realize you need your hair done, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to get in for another week or so. We always like to see your faces again, so please set up future appointments in advance!