Pramasana: A Facial for Your Scalp

All About Pramasana

This month at Canvas, we're putting the spotlight on the newest scalp treatment from Aveda: Pramasana.  Described as "a facial for your scalp," Pramasana is a three-step treatment designed to target your scalp to provide a beautiful foundation for your hair. You can find these products to purchase, or have one of our stylists do it for you!  Keep reading if you struggle with any scalp issues, or if you're looking for yet another way to treat yourself!



The first step of Pramasana is to exfoliate the scalp.  The specially designed brush has looped bristles that gently loosen up any buildup you may have.  We love this step because not only does it feel amazing, but it also clears your scalp for the next two steps of the treatment.


The Scalp Cleanser is the next step of the Pramasana treatment.  It cleanses and purifies the scalp more than a normal shampoo would.  Since it is formulated with wintergreen-derived salicylic acid, the cleanser gently balances sebum levels, leaving the scalp refreshed.


Lastly, we apply the Protective Scalp Concentrate as a leave-in treatment.  It helps nourish and preserve the scalp's natural protective barrier.  Not only does it help fight off free radicals, it leaves your scalp feeling nourished and balanced.

As satisfying as it is to clear away all the buildup on your scalp, the Pramasana treatment will give you a clean and healthy foundation for your hair.  We offer the treatment in-salon, as well as the products you can purchase for in-home pampering!  If you come into Canvas for this treatment, your stylist will also use the Nourishing Scalp Masque, which is a professional use scalp cleanser.

We're loving Pramasana, and we think every scalp can benefit from this relaxing treatment!  Book your appointment today!