4 Pandora Stations for Salons

4 Pandora Stations for Salons

Curious about what plays over Canvas' speakers throughout the day?  We know the struggle of trying to choose the best Pandora stations for salons, so that's why we put together a list of 4 of our favorites to give you some inspiration!

Hipster BBQ

We Love Hipster BBQ!  The station name is kind of odd - but don't judge a book by it's cover.  This station plays an eclectic mix from The Black Keys to Kaleo, and we find ourselves tapping our toes more often than not.  With 1.1 million listeners worldwide, this station is popular with many more than just us at Canvas, and it's probably because of the diverse song list with very few repeats.

Fleetwood Mac

When in doubt, Fleetwood Mac is always a great choice for music in a salon.  We love the familiar hits of the 70s and 80s that this station offers.  Although we could listen to strictly Fleetwood for 12 hours straight, this station will throw in hits from The Eagles and Tom Petty.  If you are looking for a nice mix of pop, rock and folk, the Fleetwood Mac radio station is perfect for your salon.

Jesse McCartney

When Saturday morning rolls around, we need a little something to put a pep in our step.  This is where Jesse McCartney radio saves some lives.  Everybody will know the words to the fun throwback hits on this station.  Sometimes your salon will need a mood boost, and that's where Jesse McCartney will be sure to deliver.

Acoustic Pop

The Acoustic Pop station is a sleepy early morning favorite.  The music on this station will provide a calm and relaxing ambiance in your salon.  We love Acoustic Pop Pandora because it plays the acoustic versions of popular songs, and a lot of them are covers.  This offers a unique sound that is sure to be a crowd favorite in your salon.

Those are just a few of the Canvas team's favorite Pandora stations for our salon, and we can't wait to have you give them a try! Let us know which one is your favorite from our list or if you have additional recommendations.