Looking for a New Hairstylist?

Looking for a New Hairstylist?

Looking for a new hairstylist and not sure where to turn?  We've put together a list of 3 things to look for in a new hairstylist to make the search a little easier for you!


This should go without saying, but you should seek out a hairstylist that keeps it real with you.  Keep in mind that your stylist has the health and integrity of your hair at the forefront of his or her mind.  So, if your stylist tells you that you won't realistically get to icy blonde from dark brunette in one sitting, trust in the process and in their expertise.  Keeping it real is key when somebody is dealing with your hair.

Thorough Consultation

Whether you want to make a total transformation or you just want a quick trim, your stylist should ensure you are both on the same page.  During your consultation, they should be talking to you about what your hair challenges are and what products you should be using.  You are missing out on crucial communication if you go into a first time appointment without a consultation before getting started.

Active Listening

Active listening is a big one when looking for a new hairstylist.  Ever feel like you're talking but not actually being listened to?  Our stylists are trained to ask questions based on the answers and responses you are giving, ensuring you both are on the same page before getting started with the appointment.  Because there are so many different ideas of what a "caramel" hair color is, for example, our stylists are sure to effectively listen and use all available resources to eliminate any room for error.


While there are many other factors that contribute to an excellent experience with a stylist, these 3 are big ones - and ones that each of our stylists practice and utilize daily.  If you feel like you are unhappy at your current salon and would like to see what Canvas is all about, schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our fabulous stylists and see what the #CanvasCreated difference is all about!