Katy Perry's Icy Blonde Hair

Ice Ice Baby

Ice Ice Baby

Does 2019 have you dreaming of a new look? Well, if you want one that makes you stand out this icy blond hair color will do the trick.

Called “Snow Bunny Blonde”, this trend features that ultra-white blonde hair that looks striking, regardless of your skin tone. Checkout this Glamour mag link to see which celebs have rocked this trendy style.

While it may look great it does come with its fair share of maintenance to maintain. If you’re thinking of trying on this bold statement hair color these are the things you can expect.

  • 2-3 salon visits lasting 4+ hours each.
  • A mid period where you feel “warmer”.
  • Lots of conditioning treatments at the salon and at home. We recommend this damage repairing weekly treatment.

They say blondes have more fun, but we think the fun actually comes when you’re ready to switch up this blonde and add a pop of color. A simple toner post lightening gives you all kinds of color options once you have your hair this light.

Ariana Grande's Icy Blonde Hair