Holiday Hairstyle: Soft Glam Curls

Holiday Hairstyle: Soft Glam Curls

Looking for a glam holiday hairstyle for those Christmas parties?  Look no further: check out our video on how to get some soft waves with added volume!  We love this hairstyle because not only is it super simple, but there's a little trick to provide a ton of volume.

Step 1: Spray Some Product

We start by taking some Air Control and spraying it on the hair to give it some hold before we style it.   Sometimes if your hair is freshly washed, it does not hold a curl as well as second-day hair.  Adding a light mist of hairspray will give those curls something to hold on to.

Step 2: Curls for Days

We will start with dividing the hair into the middle part and pinning it up in sections.  Taking a large barrel curling iron or wand, we will take the hair in medium to large sized sections and curl the hair away from the face.

Step 3: Side Part it Out

Here's the trick: we will then part the hair on either the right or the left side.  This allows for the curls to lay in different directions, giving it a voluminous look!

Step 4: Finishing Touches

To finish off the style, we take some of Aveda's Texture Tonic and run it through the hair.  The trick with the Texture Tonic is to spray it into your hands first, and then use your hands to run it through your hair. This allows more control on the distribution of the product.


There you have it!  A simple, yet glamorous hairstyle that is perfect for the holiday season.  Whether you are going out and about to holiday parties, or keep it more low-key at home, this hairstyle will have you feeling beautiful!  Get your experience scheduled today.