Hair Cuts for Men & Women Powell, Ohio

Hair Cuts for Men & Women in Powell, Ohio

Ladies and Gentlemen:
Your haircut is an important part of your image.

The difference between a good haircut and a great haircut is like the difference between an outfit that just fits and an outfit that perfectly accentuates your body-type, highlights your best features, AND fits just right.

You'll know exactly what we mean after one visit to Canvas Salon and Skin Bar in Powell, Ohio.

We know that a haircut is more than taking a comb and scissors and cutting your hair. It is about your face shape, your body, your hair's texture, your styling needs, and the image you want to show to the world. What do you want to emphasize? What do you want to minimize? Let us help you be your best self.

Our Hair Cut Service

Your hair cut makes a statement – what is it saying?

Every first time haircut service begins with a complimentary hair cut consultation. Our hair experts will ask you questions and then use their expertise to give you the perfect options for your look.

You should never leave the salon thinking "my hair will never look this good tomorrow." Our stylists take the time to talk to you about what products will work best to solve any hair needs you are having. You'll be able to recreate your fresh-from-the-salon look – not stress.

Our number one priority is the health of your hair.

At Canvas Salon & Skin Bar, we know that the health and integrity of your hair is the most important part of having great hair. We consult with you about the health of your hair prior to beginning work and we take the time to explain the best hair care practices for your specific needs. We also only use the finest plant-based hair products from Aveda, so you'll know that everything we apply is safe for your hair.

We customize every haircut and you will always know your price before you begin.

  • New Talent Level Women's Haircut *starts at $28
  • New Talent Level Men's Haircut *starts at $21
  • Women's Haircut *starts at $42
  • Men's Haircut *starts at $24
  • Children's Haircuts (12 and under) $18-$24

Long Hair Cut

PS: Every service comes with 3 or more of our "extras" You get to choose these, too. Because you shouldn't just look amazing when you leave – you should feel amazing.

Contact Canvas Salon & Skin Bar in Powell, Ohio today to begin being your best self!