Hair is 90% of Your Selfie

Your Hair is 90% of Your Selfie

Your Hair is 90% of Your Selfie

In a study completed by InStyle Magazine, women in the Northeast and Midwest were most likely to feel that their hair is big reflection of their personality. 81% of women to be exact.

Ladies at Canvas Salon that is you since we sit smack dab in the center of the Midwest here in Columbus, Ohio.

At Canvas Salon we agree that hair often reflects your personality. We find women that want a funkier hair color often times have personalities that are a little louder and bolder. The traditional long hair style is typically worn by a woman who wants to blend in some. They may spice up their long layers with a splash of blonde balayage but they don’t deviate too far from what is worn by most women.

So why do we change our hair style? The study covered that as well citing that 84% of women get a haircut because they are bored and 70% are looking for less maintenance. (if you fall into the less maintenance category you should chat with us about how to use extensions to create your hair color! You will spend way less time in the salon!)

The main hair frustration listed is likely one that all of us Ohio women have experienced thanks to our humid Summers here in Columbus. Frizz. It was reported by more than 63% of women to be the hair challenge they struggle with the most. To get a little more specific to Ohio women and their hair, the study reports that volume is the second thing we struggle most with in the Midwest.

At Canvas Salon we want your hair style to fit your lifestyle. That means price, styling time, and upkeep. Most hair styles take 17 minutes to do each day, require 2 products, and 3 tools. The tough part of finding a style can often times be finding the right stylist to help you achieve it. We want to help you with that too!

Have you tried our new tool, Meet Your Stylist? We are the only salon in Columbus Ohio that helps match you to your hairstylist through a quick personality assessment. You are spending a good amount of time sitting in their company and they are partially responsible for you feeling confident! The right hairdresser for you can be more than someone who does a great job at styling your hair. They can be someone who makes the time you invest pleasant and relaxing, and the person who can help you select those 2 products and 3 tools correctly. Maybe they will even be able to help you knock that 17-minute average styling time down to 15!