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Hair is 90% of Your Selfie

Your Hair is 90% of Your Selfie

Your Hair is 90% of Your Selfie

In a study completed by InStyle Magazine, women in the Northeast and Midwest were most likely to feel that their hair is big reflection of their personality. 81% of women to be exact.

Ladies at Canvas Salon that is you since we sit smack dab in the center of the Midwest here in Columbus, Ohio.

At Canvas Salon we agree that hair often reflects your personality. We find women that want a funkier hair color often times have personalities that are a little louder and bolder. The traditional long hair style is typically worn by a woman who wants to blend in some. They may spice up their long layers with a splash of blonde balayage but they don’t deviate too far from what is worn by most women.

So why do we change our hair style? The study covered that as well citing that 84% of women get a haircut because they are bored and 70% are looking for less maintenance. (if you fall into the less maintenance category you should chat with us about how to use extensions to create your hair color! You will spend way less time in the salon!)

The main hair frustration listed is likely one that all of us Ohio women have experienced thanks to our humid Summers here in Columbus. Frizz. It was reported by more than 63% of women to be the hair challenge they struggle with the most. To get a little more specific to Ohio women and their hair, the study reports that volume is the second thing we struggle most with in the Midwest.

At Canvas Salon we want your hair style to fit your lifestyle. That means price, styling time, and upkeep. Most hair styles take 17 minutes to do each day, require 2 products, and 3 tools. The tough part of finding a style can often times be finding the right stylist to help you achieve it. We want to help you with that too!

Have you tried our new tool, Meet Your Stylist? We are the only salon in Columbus Ohio that helps match you to your hairstylist through a quick personality assessment. You are spending a good amount of time sitting in their company and they are partially responsible for you feeling confident! The right hairdresser for you can be more than someone who does a great job at styling your hair. They can be someone who makes the time you invest pleasant and relaxing, and the person who can help you select those 2 products and 3 tools correctly. Maybe they will even be able to help you knock that 17-minute average styling time down to 15!

Katy Perry's Icy Blonde Hair

Ice Ice Baby

Ice Ice Baby

Does 2019 have you dreaming of a new look? Well, if you want one that makes you stand out this icy blond hair color will do the trick.

Called “Snow Bunny Blonde”, this trend features that ultra-white blonde hair that looks striking, regardless of your skin tone. Checkout this Glamour mag link to see which celebs have rocked this trendy style.

While it may look great it does come with its fair share of maintenance to maintain. If you’re thinking of trying on this bold statement hair color these are the things you can expect.

  • 2-3 salon visits lasting 4+ hours each.
  • A mid period where you feel “warmer”.
  • Lots of conditioning treatments at the salon and at home. We recommend this damage repairing weekly treatment.

They say blondes have more fun, but we think the fun actually comes when you’re ready to switch up this blonde and add a pop of color. A simple toner post lightening gives you all kinds of color options once you have your hair this light.

Ariana Grande's Icy Blonde Hair

Top Canvas Salon Client Questions

Top Canvas Client Questions

Top Canvas Client Questions

When should I come back?

That depends. Obviously, it’s up to you how often you’d like to be in the salon, and that’s something that should be discussed in your consultation. But typically, it goes as follows;

Men’s cuts and pixies find 4 weeks as a good time for a clean up.
Bobs/shoulder length hair can usually go 5-6 weeks, if you like to keep it that length.

If you like to keep your hair long, or are growing it out, 8-10 weeks is the most you should go between trims to keep your hair at it’s healthiest.

Color clients are a whole different story. Most will time their haircuts with every to every other color appointment.

If you get retouches with permanent color (grey coverage, or different level than your natural) or a foiled highlight, 4-6 weeks is typical.

Toners or any other demi color should be refreshed at about 6-8 weeks, as that is how long demi color lasts.

Balayage is as high or low maintenance as you want. It’s meant to give you a graceful grow-out with no harsh lines, but if you like to stay bright and/or ashy, a lightening session and toner is recommended around 8 weeks.'

What do you think is best?

Good question. Your stylist can certainly give you their professional opinion, but at the end of the day, it’s your hair and your decision (unless you’re one of those people who literally gives your stylist full trust and control!). For example, my opinion could be to go red all over for Fall, and if you completely hate reds, don’t do it!

What do the “treatments” do?

We have Aveda’s Botanical Treatments here at Canvas. There is one for dry hair and one for damaged hair. Both give the hair shine, moisture, strength, and help with everyday damage. These professional strength treatments last about 6 weeks in the hair. Watch this video for more information.

What does “pre-booking” mean?

Pre-booking is a term our industry uses to just say, “setting up your next appointment.” Pre-booking is important and always encouraged so you can get into your preferred stylist when you need it. If you wake up one morning and realize you need your hair done, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to get in for another week or so. We always like to see your faces again, so please set up future appointments in advance!

Preserve Your Hair Color

Preserve Your Hair Color This Fall

Preserve Your Hair Color This Fall

Fall is the time of year when people love to change their hair color. Maybe it’s all of the changes in nature occurring, like the leaves, but we see many people looking to go darker or more vibrant this time of year. One thing people always ask about is a way to preserve their hair color for as long as possible. Here are some expert recommendations to help preserve your color:

Color Conserve

There are many shampoos and conditioners out there that promise to hold in hair color, but none stand up to Aveda Color Conserve. We know it can feel hard to spend the extra money on the same day you’ve just invested in the color change, but it’s worth it. Minimally you should invest in the shampoo! Here is a short YouTube video showing why Color Conserve is so amazing:

Shampure Dry Shampoo

Another great way to preserve color is to wash your hair less. We know that can be hard if you struggle with an oily scalp but that’s why we love Shampure Dry Shampoo. It is a great tool to help you with this. This product naturally refreshes hair of all types and textures by absorbing excess oil and removing any odors from the hair.

Aveda’s Color Shampoos and Conditioners

If you like color vibrancy you will definitely want to check out one of Avedas color enhancing products like: Madder Root, Black Malva, Camolmile, Blue Malva, or Clove. Each one helps to enhance and preserve a different hair color. For example, Madder Root helps to preserve that nice red, Blue Malva helps to keep that brassy look out of any hair color, especially blonde and grey, and Clove is great to add richness to brunettes.

The less heat you use on your hair, the better. A good way to “help" hair fade faster is by washing it everyday and using hair straighteners and styling wands everyday. The less you use these, the better. If you must use a heat tool be sure to check out Avedas Damage Control spray. This product will provide a heat and UV protectant to keep your color looking brilliant!

Talk to your Canvas Salon stylist today about what they would recommend most to help preserve your hair color!

Blowouts: What You Need To Know About The Latest Trend

What is a Blowout Anyway?

Ever wished you could have your hair look like you just left the salon but don’t have the time for a hair cut or don’t want to pay for a full cut? That’s where a blowout comes in. You can go to the salon, have your hair washed, styled, smoothed/curled, and finished, so that your hair looks amazing and lasts for the whole weekend, for less than the cost of a new hair cut!

Why Get a Blowout?

Got a weekend full of parties or events? Maybe you’re going out of town for a conference or have a wedding to attend. Blowouts are great for special occasions and events where you want to look your best, but don't want the hassle of an entire new hair cut or long visit to the salon.  They also typically last for two days or more, which makes blowouts the perfect accessory to a weekend of events.

Great Occasions for Blowouts:

Any occasion where you’d really like to look your best is a perfect time for a blowout:

  • Weddings
  • Business Conferences
  • Prom
  • Birthday Parties
  • Holidays
  • Special Occasions

Blowouts for Weddings and Bridal Parties

One of the most special parts of a wedding is the time spent with friends. What better way to spend some quality girl-time together than to have a relaxing blowout at a salon and leave looking and feeling beautiful? Your time as a bridal party can be one of laughter and relaxation.

Let’s not forget the gentlemen and other wedding guests! Everyone deserves to look and feel his or her best at a wedding (and could probably use a little relaxation too). A little pampering can be a perfect break from the flurry of activity.

Blowouts at Canvas Salon

Canvas Salon & Skin Bar offers blowouts in the Powell, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio areas. Our relaxing environment is the perfect setting for bridal parties or group events. Whether you’re just looking for a little me-time or are getting ready for a weekend of fun, contact Canvas Salon & Skin Bar today to schedule an appointment!