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Blowouts: What You Need To Know About The Latest Trend

What is a Blowout Anyway?

Ever wished you could have your hair look like you just left the salon but don’t have the time for a hair cut or don’t want to pay for a full cut? That’s where a blowout comes in. You can go to the salon, have your hair washed, styled, smoothed/curled, and finished, so that your hair looks amazing and lasts for the whole weekend, for less than the cost of a new hair cut!

Why Get a Blowout?

Got a weekend full of parties or events? Maybe you’re going out of town for a conference or have a wedding to attend. Blowouts are great for special occasions and events where you want to look your best, but don't want the hassle of an entire new hair cut or long visit to the salon.  They also typically last for two days or more, which makes blowouts the perfect accessory to a weekend of events.

Great Occasions for Blowouts:

Any occasion where you’d really like to look your best is a perfect time for a blowout:

  • Weddings
  • Business Conferences
  • Prom
  • Birthday Parties
  • Holidays
  • Special Occasions

Blowouts for Weddings and Bridal Parties

One of the most special parts of a wedding is the time spent with friends. What better way to spend some quality girl-time together than to have a relaxing blowout at a salon and leave looking and feeling beautiful? Your time as a bridal party can be one of laughter and relaxation.

Let’s not forget the gentlemen and other wedding guests! Everyone deserves to look and feel his or her best at a wedding (and could probably use a little relaxation too). A little pampering can be a perfect break from the flurry of activity.

Blowouts at Canvas Salon

Canvas Salon & Skin Bar offers blowouts in the Powell, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio areas. Our relaxing environment is the perfect setting for bridal parties or group events. Whether you’re just looking for a little me-time or are getting ready for a weekend of fun, contact Canvas Salon & Skin Bar today to schedule an appointment!