Hair & Makeup Models

Hair & Makeup Models

We need you! Hair modeling and hair models wanted in the Powell and Columbus, Ohio Areas!

At Canvas Salon and Skin Bar, our world of beauty involves photo shoots, events, and education. Fun, fun, and more fun! We are currently seeking both men and women for hair modeling. Other model needs include: hair cutting, hair color, hairstyling, facials, waxing, and more.

Education is prized at Canvas, and we need you to help maximize our learning. We can only get better through practice. Be part of our growth and receive an amazing salon service for a minimal fee.

Photographers and models: Our beauty experts are also available for photographers and models who need hair stylists and makeup artists. We'd love to be part of creating your art and portfolio.

Sign up below, and we'll get in touch with you for our next event!

Event locations may vary. Most are in Powell or the greater Columbus area.

What it takes to be a model:

Your time!

  • Model workshops can last up to seven hours and require your availability for the entire workshop. You will always know prior to the event about the events schedule needs.
  • A visit to the salon may be required to determine eligibility for an event. Sometimes our needs are specific and we have to see your hair or skin first.

* All services are performed by licensed, professional hairdressers and estheticians